Fourth of July Camp Out Celebration

Fourth of July Camp Out Celebration

Party Starts:

Saturday, July 2nd 2022 at 12:00pm

Event Description:

Fourth of July weekend camp out 

You can still come and join in on all the festivities even if you don’t want to camp.




NOON –                          till done Set up campsite

Noonish –                       till gone Lunch

3 – ????                          Foam Party, Pool Party, Flip Cup, and much more

7 –  7:30                         SIDE DISH CONTEST

8 / 8:15 – till gone                        Dinner


We will have a bon fire, music inside and outside. There will be Jenga, Liars Dice, Beer Pong…...

Bring your own towels, beach towels, sun block, alcohol, lawn chairs, ice for your beer coolers etc.…

Please bring your own bed linens for your tents. 


cpl Fri. $45 Sat. $55 Both $85

sm Fri. $55 Sat. $65 Both $105

sf Fri. $5 Sat. $5

 We will be having our regular activities music/DJ, dancing, food, fun, and frolicking.

       Come join your hosts and hostesses CHRIS & AMBER AND TINA & WENDY AND HELPERS  for the WEEKEND at our Ohio Lifestyles Swingers Party at Ohio Swings.

 You can email us with your questions at or for a faster response give us a call at 937-315-5360 and please leave a message we will get back to you ASAP.




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