The Erotic Party Place is a private, invitation only party place that caters to couples and singles 21 and over who want to explore their sexual limits. In most ways, we are like most other private, lifestyle (or swinger) clubs. These are private house parties, which we offer all the same amenities that most swingers clubs offer.

"Erotic Party Place hosts the most exciting parties around!"

Our Guidelines

EPP does not release a guest's private information to other guests; nor does EPP sell guest information. To contact an EPP guest, you will need to ask the guest directly at an EPP party.

No means no, so if someone tells you no, we ask you to respect this decision.

Whether you are a man or a woman, please ask for the consent of others before touching.

Please respect the EPP party place venue at all times by keeping it clean and picking up after yourself. If you have an accident, please clean it up, and/or notify the volunteer staff to help you.

All guests should respect the dignity of others. No rude conduct toward guests or staff will be permitted.

EPP party place has a no-tolerance policy for drugs or prostitution.

No cameras, cell phone camera or recording devices are permitted for use.